David Cameron, MP for Witney, has a vole of a time in Kelmscott


David Cameron, MP for Witney, visited Kelmscott in order to settle a dispute between local stakeholders and the Environment Agency over ditch maintenance.


The clearance of ditches surrounding Kelmscott Manor was completed by concerned residents following the devastating flooding that affected this area earlier in the year.


The Environment Agency was concerned that the ditch clearance by local farmers was excessive and had a negative impact on the local water vole population.


The meeting was attended by Cllr David McFarlane, Lawrence King from West Oxfordshire District Council alongside members of the Kelmscott and Grafton and Radcot Flood Committee as well as Barry Russell and John Hillier of the Environment Agency. Fittingly, this meeting was also joined by a couple of voles who happily wandered along the bank for the entirety of the meeting!


The group resolved to solve the issue of flooding and biodiversity protection through greater collaboration between the two parties.